Falando no Chico Hamilton, Buddy Collette, anos 50, Pacific Jazz, nessa mesma entrevista Buddy prova que o improviso na vida faz parte da história do jazz e conta do primeiro ensaio, em seu apartamento, do impressionante quarteto sem piano de Gerry Mulligan, Bob Whitlock, Chico Hamilton e Chet Baker, da esquerda pra direita acima, em prosa abaixo.


You knew Chico Hamilton and Gerry Mulligan in 1952.
The first time that quartet rehearsed was at my apartment. Gerry was there at my place because he knew that Chico and I were friends. My apartment was at 1406 St. Andrews Place (Apt. 1). Everyone was at my place, listening to music or at parties. At first, what Gerry and Chet were doing didn’t sound too good.

Why not?
They didn’t have the right concept. Chetty was playing melody and Gerry was trying to harmonize on the baritone. But they were miles apart. Gerry was trying to do it like he would normally play.

Which was how?
Using the baritone like a bass. He was just playing harmony in same rhythm as the melody. Then he began trying counterpoint. He was moving around differently than just following the melody.

Did Mulligan know the group’s sound was all wrong at first?
Yes, they all knew it. Gerry didn’t want a piano in there. He was filling in for the piano on the baritone with notes a pianist might play if he had that instrument in the group. They finally got it and hit their sound by accident.

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