beside me here beneath the blue

This album, in which Thelonious for the first time offered a program entirely made up of standard material, appeared at first to leave some reviewers a bit confused and discomforted--perhaps because they were unable to adjust their stereotypes of Monk as a "mad genius" to conform with the reality of his ability to interpret the works of another composer inventively, lucidly and with respect. Actually, the premise of the LP was simple enough. It derived from a conviction that a good part of the problem of the jazz artist who (as was at that time the case with Monk) is considered excessively "far out" is tied in with the playing of material that is unfamiliar to the 'average' ear. This is not to deny the vast importance of original compositions in jazz creativity. But it can be extremely helpful to know the precise structural and melodic starling point for a musician's improvisations. Communication between performer and audience is, after all, rather important; and to perhaps more listeners than might care to admit it out loud, the initial identification of knowing the tune can turn out to be at least half the battle.

Caravan, em arranjo madgenius, do Thelonious Monk plays the music of Duke Ellington, com Oscar Pettiford e Kenny Clarke, também aqui.

(foto daqui.)

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