This city tells me what it's like to live

Dia nascendo na Henrique Schaumann, décimo-sétimo andar.


3 Responses to “This city tells me what it's like to live”

  1. # Anonymous isaac

    Este comentário foi removido por um administrador do blog.  

  2. # Anonymous las bregas

    Hey, bike messenger
    What's your name?
    Have you got the time
    To talk to me?
    Tell you what,
    We'll sit on this here stoop
    And talk all about you
    We'll just keep sitting here
    Til you roll on through.

    1994 ou 1995 nao me senior year in high school I had just bought "Natural Ingredients" and decided to eat some natural ingredients of my own. A bag of mushrooms, a waterbed, and City Song on repeat...deadly combination. 14 years ago, shit I'm getting old  

  3. # Blogger ronaldo evangelista

    E não estamos todos, aren't we all?  

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