The Roosevelt was not just a record show. It was a room filled with a cacophony of sounds that included hushed conversations, shrieks of delight, and sighs and cries of missed gems. As the show grew, so did the dealers and the customers. More and more dealers were bringing turntables and speakers to show off and preview their wares. The constant buzz of conversation colored the endless beats and grooves that fluctuated like an old tube radio that would pick up one station one moment and another the next. You would hear James Brown in one corner; and then some free jazz wailing like a siren from another. The Delphonics would have everyone singing along and bringing old memories to the surface of consciousness, before a killer beat would have heads boppin’ and minds racing.


Ó a sintonia pra abençoar: na semana em que acontece a primeira feira de vinis dentro do Astronete, domingo agora, parceria com grande Big Papa e seleção sonora da Veneno Crew, a galere da Wax Poetics jogou no blog deles texto (da revista, em 2004) sobre a feira do hotel Roosevelt, Manhattan, Nova York, méca de beats.

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