Songs in the Key of Life

Songs in the Key of Life is only a conglomerate of thoughts in my subconscious that my Maker decided to give me the strength, the love + love - hate = love energy making it possible for me to bring to my conscious an idea. An idea to me is a formed thought in the subconscious, the unknown and sometimes sought for impossibles, but when believed strong enough, can become a reality. So let it be that I shall live the idea of the song and use its words as my sight into the unknown, but believe positive tomorrow and I shall so when in evil darkness smile up at the sun and it shall to me as if I were a pyramid give me the key in which I am to sing, and if it is a key that you too feel, may you join and sing with me.



Do Songs in the Key of Life, do Stevie.

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2 Responses to “Songs in the Key of Life”

  1. # Blogger vinicius_bracin_01

    Ronaldo, você podia publicar o texto do Cobain no encarte do Incesticide.
    Queria ler esse texto dele, nunca encontrei na net e acho que nas edições atuais nem vem mais.
    Se você conseguir publicar isso ia ser muito bom.  

  2. # Blogger Ronaldo Evangelista

    Putz, Nirvana vou ficar devendo.  

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