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The producer should be the same thing as a director of movies. That's how I've always looked at it. And that's what it would have said in the back of records if it would have been anybody but Norman Granz - who was the first person to ever use the term "produced by". Norman was very Euro-centric. He really was. And his idols, like German director Max Reinhardt, would always say "A Max Reinhardt Production" on his film credits. Not "Directed by Max Reinhardt", no, "A Max Reinhardt Production"! So Norman Granz put on the back of his albums: "Produced by Norman Granz".

Because the way I look at it, my job is to find a song - well, that's a story. To get an arranger to write, and turn the song to a screenplay. The musicians, the singers, whatever, are your actors. The engineer is your cinematographer. You're responsible for it all.

David Axelrod explica pra turma que papo é esse de produtor. Da Wax Poetics #14.

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