Upendo Ni Pamoja

I have always thought that music goes back to the simple heartbeat; to the time before man could speak and had to communicate through the use of elemental noises. What would have been closer to man that the sound of his being alive.

I have always thought that after listening to the sound of his heartbeat man began to listen to other sounds; the sounds that birds made singing in the trees; the sounds that breezes made as they blew their way through the endless forests; sounds that animals, both friendly and hostile, made as they went about their daily lives.

I have always felt that even after man learned how to talk he never lost the memory of that primeval heartbeat, or the birds, or the breezes, or all the animals he came to know so long ago. And that memory drew man to music and to the noises and rhythms of music, because music expressed something from the very beginnings of his time on Earth.

And music still expresses these things and, as a result, draws from all the most basic emotions from far inside men. And probably without music much of what we know as society would rot and fall away. We take music for granted now since it has been such an elemental part of all our lives, but we should stop for a moment and, not taking it for granted, understand something of why it soothes and plays upon the savage beast within our soul.

And I think that ever since I began to play, I have thought that music should make people look within themselves and think about the meaning of life. That it should make them think about how fine it is to be loved or to love another; that it should make them think about how really insignificant we are and at the same time how important each of us is on this Earth we live on and in the universe that our Earth goes spinning through.

So close your eyes and let our music speak to you in colors and sounds and familiar and not so familiar emotions and let it tell you how much all three of us love to be alive and love to talk about being alive in our music.

-Ramsey Lewis


Ramsey Lewis-Steinway Concert Grand Piano and Fender Rhodes Electric Piano
Cleveland Eaton-Acoustical Bass and Electric Bass
Morris Jennings-Drums and Percussions


Do Upendo Ni Pamoja, disquinho especial, com o trio do Ramsey fazendo funk-jazz elétrico, suave, dubem e com muito, muito groove.

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