Sly Stone is playing in my house

E essa descrição do disco novo do Franz Ferdinand dada pelo baterista no blog/MySpace da banda? Curti.

I would say it sounds a bit like Sly and the Family Stone meets Prince in Govan on the way back fae signing on when Sly remember he still owes Fela Kuti that fiver from last week when Fela tapped him at Brian Eno's birthday party in downtown Lagos but what with the exchange rate and everything he has to figure out how much he owes him in sterling, so he goes round to Jacques Brel's, cos Jacques' good with numbers. So he gets there and Jacques' in on youtube watching this...

and Sly says "Have you seen this....'s what that MIA song is based on you know, this one....

and they don't get round to working out what 5 pounds is in Nigerian Naira and Fela comes round all angry and says, tell you what just forget about that fucking fiver, you're always like this and storms out in a right huff.

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