Música sem música

Like many writers, I find music with lyrics too distracting as a writing soundtrack. Composing a book that questions the basis of musical aesthetics -- that is, why we like and dislike the music we do, individually -- I even found music with music too distracting. It would pull me around to asking myself why it had that style, who it wanted to speak to, which produced a lot of tangents in my notebooks. As John Cage showed in 4'33", however, silence can be the most distracting of all. Minimalism turned out to be the medium-hot bowl of porridge.

Carl Wilson, recomendando Steve Reich como trilha para acompanhar a escrita - funcionou com ele ao escrever o livro Let's Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste, da série de livros-sobre-discos 33 1/3. Aqui.

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