microcosmic minutiae

Rick has a lot of pull in the music business for reasons I don't completely understand. He's a really lazy person — he likes to be able to walk right in. He doesn't like to be confronted, he doesn't want to go to will call — he just wants to go to the side of the stage, see one song and then we would leave. Even when we went to Coachella, we would get a private plane and fly in to see one band. So I spent all this time watching bands from the side of the stage. And when you see bands like that, you can see something transparent in them. You can see the part of them that's sincere and the part that's not sincere. You see the part of them that's really connected with one another and the part that's just a put-on. From the audience's point of view, you can be fooled, but from the side of the stage, you can see how ridiculous it is to play your same song the same way, night after night after night. And the only thing that the band gets off on is this microcosmic minutiae that they've decided is the difference between a great show and a shitty show.

Vincent Gallo, contando as técnicas secretas de avaliação de artistas do Rick Rubin.

(Foto massa do Jeneci, com Régis e Curumin, pelo Eugênio.)

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